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Cambodia Private Tour Guides Drivers

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Cambodia Private Tour Guides Drivers is the persons who are able to work for you and also traveling with to go to see all things of interested around Cambodia, moreover working as your English well and personal spoken tour guide and flexible driver, mostly the job is provided by gentle English well and licensed tour guides, they are very good at driving and explaining all things that’s seeing around and things had happened 

Hello everyone, this is Pho, one of the English outstanding  spoken tour guides to go wherever you wish to see and to do, the job as the most English informative and well spoken tour guide in Cambodia  has began since I was a fresh University degree of English literature, 2010. After I finished the 4years of English bachelor degree I then went straight to had short course of the professional job of speaking tour guide I then become the English official guided tour, after i completed one short course within Cambodia Ministry of Tourism

the late 2014, I am the fully licensed English Speaking Tour Guide in Phnom Penh and traveling around Cambodia, was listed in the Cambodia Tourist Ministry. since the job has started till now I have been working with tour industry for more than a decade and keep going to more and more years to go, with the long years experience in touring and guiding tourists for pleasurable trips go around Cambodia.

Currently, I am still employed for worldwide tourists as their English professional and well spoken tour guide and I am working as your personal car driver, and i am able to escort you to go to everywhere around the kingdom of Cambodia


I grew up in Kraches province, the eastern of the country of Cambodia and also it’s one of the Cambodia’s elegant countrysides, at the age of I have finished high school, decided to migrant  to Phnom Penh, where is the largest city and the capital of Cambodia.

Right now, I am still living and working in Phnom Penh the capital and the largest city of Cambodia, and also i am working as English private and well spoken guide and English to Cambodian translator-interpreter, i am also able to go to around the kingdom of Cambodia 

Pho, your private guide, interpreter, translator and Cambodia business consultant, laws

Study Qualification and Works

2001, finished high school and continued to English classes as part time classes at a private education foreign languages and worked in many shops in Phnom Penh city. And then 2010 I had decided to attend Bachelor degree at the Norton University of Phnom Penh of Cambodia, in the field of English Translation and Interpretation. it was the time to start my self employment, felt in love with the self employment as a private guided tour till now.

2014, finished my English Bachelor degree in the field of Translation and Interpretation at the Norton University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

While was studying also I had a job as local English speaking tour guide in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

2015 it was a golden time to attend English short course tour class with multiple foreign language tour guides, then early 2016 finished the short course classes then went through to battlefields of the competition works to others and my friends 


Currently Employment

I am becoming the official and English expert speaking tour-guide/Taxi Driver and Cambodian English Translator/Interpreter and also still enjoyed my self employment job. It’s the chance to see, meet, talk to peoples all over our planet 

Please consider me if you need an experienced and skilled English Speaking Tour Guide, private driver also and translator/interpreter for traveling through Cambodia. All in one 

Please tell me your personal itinerary tours and then I will quote your words and send you budgets

Half day and full day tour are also available, Please feel free to contact ME

Cambodian English Freelance Interpreter Translator

the pic of pho on his holiday at seaside of the cambodia



Nowadays, I am still enjoyed my work as the private tour guide and also speaking driver to everyone who want to travel to everywhere in Cambodia 

I like meeting new friends comes from everywhere around the world to exchange knowledge of the past  roads they have been traveling. and more going to be writing soon!

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