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Cambodia Shooting Ranges Outdoor Phnom Penh

The licensed shooting Ranges, promising the best action for all your needs

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Price List Outdoor Phnom Penh Shooting Range Cambodia


 Cambodia Shooting Ranges Outdoor+Mountainous Phnom Penh

Private Ride and Video+Edited Is Fully Complimentary

Please scroll down and read to get more details

Range is located about 2 hours drive by cars, each way from Phnom Penh capital city center and it’s also the best mountainous range to shoot variety guns that is included big machine guns, 50 caliber, RPG (rocket launcher, B40, Bazooka) Grenade Launcher (M79), throw hand grenades and rifles. 

After 2 hours ride with our expert local driver and also well English spoken driver then you are arrived to Cambodia beautiful and green natural  fields, after that it’s a good time for you to enjoy those of the shooting activities within the elegant mountainous views

Furthermore; We are located between Phnom Penh – Sihanoukville’s Koh Rong, Rong Samleoum islands, Kampot and Kep city, you will have a good time to look around the gun range and to shoot all weapons you want then let go to last destination for the day

Pick up and Drop Off,

We are able to greet you at everywhere like, hotels, guesthouses, bus stations, airports and boat ports in Phnom Penh City. And  after the greeting, you are also able to decide go to the shooting club straight at the same day or next coming day

Range Instructors+Staffs

Our staffs are the well trained and professional team, it would not be a problem you previously are experienced or familiar with gun shooting, definitely we train before let everyone shoot every single weapons

Video Service

the best standstill and also unforgettable memories is VIDEO RECORDINGS

Video service is also gun shooting’s complimentary, we are using professional 4-5 cameras like Canon, Gopro 10, Gopro Max, Sony and Drone

Drone is 50 USD separately paid, it need to book us one day ahead, because the drone need to get it from other services/company.

your video is edited by professional and also international video graphic

Our outdoor and mountainous is filled and surrounded with green forest where you can smell of natural jungle and firing machine, YES definitely RPG (Rocket 🚀 ), scroll down to see price list and fabulously videos
The private transportation and English well Spoken Driver/Guide is being provided by CambodianDrivers.Com they can serve you to anywhere in Cambodia with those Private Car 🚙 , taxi Ride

Booking+Reservation Service

Tell Us Following Question Bellow please;

  1. Your Name ?
  2. Your Hotel Name and also it’s Address ?
  3. When/day do you want us to greet you at your hotel ?
  4. What time is good to greet at your hotel lobby receptionist floor ?
  5. Number of Peoples to be visiting with you ?

After telling us the question then we got your address and hotel address, the rest of the things is fine, you just wait at your hotel lobby floor when it comes

City Tours, If you would love also looking for extra tours like visiting the Killing Fields and S21 “Toul Sleng Museum, Genocide Museum” and the mountainous range at the same day, we can make it at same day
Here is our price list and contact addresses @ CambodiaShootingRanges@Gmail.Com and Call Telegram WhatsApp +85578777908

Please be noted

Payment is only CASHES, Cards is not accepted or Not work

Gun Shooting Price Is None Discountable

Note, the price list was updated all the packages price need to follow the currently price list

Something should be informed, please! The minimum shooting budget to spend on gun shooting is more than 699USD, Within the budget you are able to select variety of weapon to shoot if you or your group have shot or selected more than the “699USD” budget, then please make a new extra payment.

Separately paid for the transportation to up and down your hotel, video service+edited Video

80 usd Extra Paid, per group

Please Wait A second!

If you would like to waive the transfer and video service fee then we would need your invaluable time to help us by sharing your shooting experience and transfer service on our two link of TRIPADVISORS Shooting TripAdvisor and CambodiaTaxiCarRental.Com TripAdvisor

Hope you can help us all

The Shared Tour is also available

  • Everyone is able to participate the 6 hours approximately of mountainous gun range tour it’s based on personal budget list within the minimum expense of 60 usd  per person to spend on  favorable weapon, and plus USD 10 for the transfers and video service fee when you decided to give us your shooting experience on the TripAdvisor
  • Please feel free share us your thoughts then we able to get peoples to join the tour with you at the same day… then let enjoy cold beers together at the mountainous gun range tour

How to book the shooting experience, the booking is working throughout online system then please make an online booking directly with us. Furthermore, walking in is not accepted or welcomed,  because we are located at outside of the city, in jungle and very mountainous areas, it’s approximately take 90-120 mins, one way each by cars.

Moreover, If you are also looking to travel around Cambodia’s cities like Siem Reap’s Angkor Wat Ancient Temples, Phnom Penh, the beaches and countrysides, then feel free let us hear your sound. Cambodia Itinerary Tours, Hotel, Transportation Tuk Tuk Car Are Available to Book Now

the payment methods is in CASHES, Local Currency Riel and USD currency is very acceptable, Your currency is also accepted but it need to covert to our currency (Riel) or USD. Please have enough cashes for your shooting budgets, there are lot of ATM machines on a way to gun range from Phnom Penh city centre.

Targets Shooting Ranges in Cambodia, The gun shooting’s targets for you to play for all day long and it made your shooting experience is more joyful and became the unforgettable holiday are bellow. select those of the target to blow things up or shoot them up with riffle like AK47 M16 and other shooting riffles and those targets can shoot with M79, RPG but some targets is need to add gas tanks or fueled barrels in.

Please be informed

We do not allow animals or live FOR THE  SHOOTING TARGETS

Watermelons, ceramic plates, coconuts and gas cans are good to shoot your riffles like M16, AK47, PKM machine guns, pistols, RPD, T97 and CKC’s bullets
Gas Tanks is good to go with your riffles like M16, AK47, PKM machine guns,  RPD, T97 and CKC’s bullets and RPG (bazooka or well known as Rocket Launcher) and if the rpg hit the target of the gas tanks then the flame and explosion is greatly huge than your expectations
House and Tuk Tuk is a very need to add fueled barrels and or gas tanks in there
More details of an RPG “Rocket launcher” video is bellow then please fee free take a look at
Woo hit target “house loaded with fueled barrels” by one shot of Rocket launcher, the videos of Ken “Japanese guy” shot Bazooka into a thatch house full of petrol barrels
you would like to look for things to do and to explore the cities  country, then Tuk Tuk & Taxi drivers is the best and easy to get in

Phnom Penh Tuk Tuk  Siem Reap Driver Guide Tour, contact us

Phnom Penh Tuk Tuk contact Mr. Bo or Rambo @ +85592343978

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Phnom Penh Sihanoukville Kampot Kep Taxi Drivers ,  Anyone who is on your way from Phnom Penh – Sihanoukville or Kampot Kep, then you will a good time have  a stop at our gun range to shoot all things you want then let go to Sihanouk’s Koh Rong or and Koh Rong Samloeml island, also we are able to book speedy boat from Sihanouk to the island

Sihanoukville Koh Rong Island Speedy boat Tickets, you can now book tickets from us, 25 USD each person for round trip ticket, BEST PRICE GUARANTEED

After the gun shooting trips finished, would you like to get Cambodia Kickboxing Training or participating with the Cambodia kick boxers ?