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Price List Siem Reap Shooting Range Cambodia

trying to blow things up with your riffle machine while your time is still hanging around in Siem Reap then it need to travel for whole day long within the trip, if you are already been traveling in Siem Reap’s Angkor Wat temples, and then trying to do thing else “it’s beside seeing those of the ancient temples”, and its gonna to be unforgettable thing to do rather than the ancient temples, then let come with us “Cambodia Shooting Ranges”, yes for sure we will bring to the site that you can’t be missed it forever, after the visiting.

Here we are the Cambodia Shooting ranges is the only one range that you can blow some things up with your rifle machine guns and the RPG.

Literally, Siem Reap shooting range outdoor is located about 2 hours drive, by car within one way each from Siem Reap town and those of the things you can shoot are listed below

Bellow are the price of Siem Reap Gun shooting Price List, Phnom Penh Gun Range Outdoor Field is still the best option for, the EXPENSES VISIT PRICE LIST PHNOM PENH GUN RANGE the video of RPG rocket launcher shooting range Outside Field Siem Reap Please Be Noted, There is no complimentary like Cold beer, Video Service and transportation to up and down your hotel in Siem Reap “you need to pay for transportation to go up and down your hotel in Sim Reap”   To get a better price and fully complimentary of your shooting range whole trip then Cold beer, Video Service and transportation to up and down your hotel in Phnom Penh city. and bellow are the price of one shot RPG and grenade launcher. How to get to the Phnom Penh Outdoor/Mountainous Range from Siem Reap are bellow;

Actually, to go Phnom Penh Outdoor/mountainous Range from Siem Reap city we need to take national road number 6 and then turn to number 4 and then finally go to road 41, the duration of the traveling approximately take 6 hours by cars, one way drive. Moreover, the Phnom Penh Outdoor/mountainous Range is very close to the Phnom Penh city if you are on your way coming to Phnom Penh then its gonna a perfect time to fire those rifle machine guns big explosions weapons like RPG or well known as bazooka or Rocket launcher.
Definitely, We are able to send you a private car and we can make a round trips for your one day tour siem reap city to and back from Phnom Penh range

More details please contact Cambodia Shooting Ranges Teams @ CambodiaShootingRanges@Gmail.Com or Call WhatsApp Telegram +85578777908