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Cambodia Shooting Ranges Outdoor Phnom Penh

The licensed shooting Ranges, promising the best action for all your needs

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Price List Siem Reap Shooting Range Cambodia


Siem Reap Shooting Experience Indoor Outdoor

Private Ride and Share Ride is starting from your hotel lobby floor to up and down gun range club

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Looking for the best adrenaline experience while your vacation in Siem Reap city of Cambodia, where ancient temples were build from 9-13 century  and former  of Khmer Empire or Cambodia Empire city, late 13th century

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Here is the Siem Reap Gun Shooting, Shoot authentic ammo

Rifling Machine gun till RPG Rocket Launcher

Siem Reap Shooting Range experiences is an INDOOR and OUTDOOR shooting club, promising, we are able to give everyone the best shooting experience, that you have ever had
Within the saved experiences in the shooting range business for almost 20 years so far, TripAdvisor 5 Stars being rated by worldwide travers is claimed that shooting range activities of Cambodia Shooting Ranges, and a new location near Siem Reap city is the now the best adrenaline experience, beside the ancient temples

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Siem Reap Shooting Experience Indoor 

Indoor of Siem Reap Gun Shooting activities is located about 45 minutes approximately drive by any kind of transportation, one way each, it’s easy for you to go up and down there and back to hotel or city center
Moreover, we are also able to provide Siem Reap Angkor Temple sightseeing tour and gun indoor range at same day as the shooting range day

the minimum expense on the gun shooting budget list is at least 70 USD on rifling Ak 47 or M16 for 30 Rounds, for example

Extra paid on transportation is 20 USD per group, 4 max

17/March/2024, the Indoor Siem Reap is not ready to service

Siem Reap Shooting Experience Outdoor 

Siem Reap Shooting Range Outdoor is the best site, very good chance to blow any type of weapons, if you are already traveling around Siem Reap city center. Moreover, it’s a great time to travel to countryside to see more and enjoy your road trip across Cambodia’s Siem Reap town

Literally, to blow everything up and down (by RPG or machine guns) and also to shoot those of the explosive targets, we do need to go spend 2 hours  in car for a ride to go to countryside, also it’s have a wonderful time to explore the Siem Reap’s countryside landscapes

Siem Reap Gun shooting Price List, Experience Outdoor

To get the best deal on the price, Book Directly with Us, 

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Email @ CambodiaShootingRanges@Gmail.Com 

Let experience a day out while you are already in Siem Reap town

YES YES YES, come with Cambodia Shooting Ranges Outdoor Siem Reap to do the Hollywood movie action. Definitely firing  Rocket 🚀 Launcher is the best scenes of flaming, explosion, rifle machine guns is also apart of Hollywood movie action, definitely.

Our cameras crews will never missed to record your actions of your best DAY EVER….!!

Definitely, we can make your Siem Reap Gun Range Outdoor day trip lives and will be standing with everyone forever

YES, it’s our 2-3 cameras, canon iPad 

Videos of your day at the outdoor Siem Reap Gun Range will send over to you after we edited. You can have it(unedited films) at same day of your shooting, we would like you to bring  PC, SD CARDS, EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE

More details please, share us your thoughts, then we can follow

 the complimentary like Rides in Car/van and plus video + edited service can be provided after you booked directly with us

  Literally, Siem Reap shooting range outdoor is located about 2 hours drive by car, one way each from Siem Reap city center

  Something should be informed, please! The minimum shooting budget to spend on gun shooting is more than 759USD, Within the budget you are able to select variety of weapon to shoot if you or your group have shot or selected more than the “759USD” budget, then please make a new extra payment.

Separately paid for the transportation to up and down hotel Siem Reap town, and plus VIDEO+Edited Video service, cold beers we would like you or your group to pay extra on the service for, 

79$ Extra Paid, per group

the petrol barrels, gas tanks are the explosive target and turn to Hollywood movie actions, bigger explosion are the combination between fueled barrel come together with a big gas tank

Please Wait A second!

If you would like to waive the transfer and video service fee then we would need your invaluable time to help us by sharing your shooting experience and transfer service on our two link of TRIPADVISORS Shooting TripAdvisor and CambodiaTaxiCarRental.Com TripAdvisor

Hope you can help us all

  Double explosion or biggest is 3 things come together with 4 fueled barrels and one gas tanks put inside of a hut, set up as RPG’s targets.
check the price of explosive target bellow   The Target of weapon shooting is available at the Siem Reap Outdoor Range but it need to be informed before your arrival at the shooting range 

Video Rocket launcher shooting Range Outside Siem Reap


More details please contact Cambodia Shooting Ranges Teams

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