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Cambodia Shooting Ranges Outdoor Phnom Penh

The licensed shooting Ranges, promising the best action for all your needs


Let organize your trips in Cambodia and how much “money” you are going to spend on your shooting activities for the day of shooting ? Please be noted, the minimum expense for the private shooting tour is 499 usd, it’s counted straight to your gun shooting “Only” You also can invite your friends to come with if we have spaces available for the day


  • Targets: One broken empty petrol barrel 20 usd
  • Targets: One House 160 usd
  • Targets: One Small gas tank 40 usd
  • Targets: One big gas tank 80 usd
  • Targets: One petrol barrel 50 usd
  • Targets: Ceramic Plates: 10×2: 20 USD
  • Targets: WaterMelons: 10×2:20USD
  • Targets: Coconuts: 10×2: 20USD
  • One clip 50 Caliber “the BEAST” 10 Rounds 150 USD
  • One clip M16 30 Rounds 60 USD
  • One clip AK-47 30rounds 60usd
  • One clip CKC 30 Rounds 60 USD
  • One Clip Pistol 9mm 10Rounds 60USD
  • One shot RPG (bazooka Rocket-Launcher) 550 usd
  • One Grenade Launcher 150-usd
  • One Hand Grenade 150usd
  • Half Clip RPD 50Rounds 150USD
  • One Clip RPD 100Rounds 220USD
  • Half Clip PKM 50Rounds 150USD
  • One Clip PKM 100Rounds 220USD
  • One Clip S Katu 30Rounds 60USD
  • One Clip T-97 30Rounds 60USD