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Literally once in a lifetime experience RPG Cambodia

Literally once in a lifetime experience to blow RPG up into set up targets like fueled barrels and gas tank ? Exactly, firing Bazooka is unique experience if you were traveling to Cambodia or around South East Asia countries
But if you are still around our planet then try to blow RPG and other machine again and then you can still have a great chance to come to Cambodia again to shoot those of the RPG and rifle machine agian at our site
Bellow here is one of the favorable customer who left the a very positive review on our TripAdvisor group, you can read it

“This was an amazing experience. Hout the tour guide greeted me as soon as I got off the plane and drove me to the site and back to the airport once it was over. He had good vibes, and was very resourceful and knowledgeable. “Unlimited beers” very legit. Tip: if you’re planning on shooting an RPG bring an extra shirt because yours will get dirty. Wear bug spray. This is literally a Once in a lifetime experience and it was awesome. The people in Cambodia are also very nice if you do come stay a while, not just for the day like me.”

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