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Greeting! Siem Reap Sightseeing Angkor Wat Tours is mentioned about those of the Cambodia Angkor wat ancient temples in/around Siem Reap territories.

Within our Cambodia Shooting Ranges Group are very happy to show you to those of the temples.

Feel free take a look a the samples of following package tours, we designed for your needs.

Please be noted, the best visited temples are Angkor Wat, Bayon, Ta Prohm and Sunset on top of Bakeng mountainous temple. Moreover Sunrise at the frontside of Angkor Wat is also fascinated and worth to be visiting tour

Lastly, CambodiaShootingRanges.Com and Angkor Wat Temple Tour are, Some package is already included the costs of transportations
Siem Reap Sightseeing Angkor Wat Tours

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