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the gathering 6 countries shooting Cambodia

The 6 countries gathering at the Cambodia Shooting Ranges Outdoor Phnom Penh is one of the big meeting for worldwide tourists or people that are being traveled around Cambodia and they had decided to go to the outside shooting ranges club at the same day and it was within a little difference timing but all were leaved the city for the gun shooting range at same when the last group got stepped in the mini bus. the pictures of they just got arrived the range approximately 10-15 mins then they were preparing the digital cameras for the unforgettable shooting experience from the starting till the end of the shooting activities.   the group were Singaporean, Chinese, German, Australian, english and Swedish, the trip is gonna to be missable, it was what the 6 countries visited customers feedback to us when we were traveling back from the range to their difference hotels stay in Phnom Penh city. We have no the shooting videos caused it was sent to personal Please come to shoot at our outdoor gun range when you are in Cambodia