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Siem Reap Pub Street Night Market

Siem Reap Pub Street Night Market, the place is not allowed everyone to stay in their hotel room for long hours after you are got back from the visiting those of the Siem Reap’s interested temples started from the early morning till sunset then sun went down after that a beautiful night shift coming to replace the daylight duty of our planets.
Night Market and Pub Street is only place that everyone are going to have a chance to meet peoples from all over around the world and where the site can allow you every single of Cambodia authentic foods


The foods of Cambodia is ranged from street foods till top five stars restaurants. And it’s also the nice to have some talk to strangers coming from every angles of our planet. Moreover, if you are looking the dancing spots from midnight till early morning then the place the suitable for your show.
The pic was taken during of the worldwide countdown and it was also during of worldwide pandemic were getting better. the night of 31/December/2021, there are more locals peoples. before the arrival of the deathly virus there were oversea tourist more and the locals most can not was seen.