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Siem Reap Countryside Jeep Tours Cambodia

Siem Reap has amazing things to do beside those of the hundreds ancient temples, the old jeep is able everyone of you to experience whole countryside of the local villages and also it’s able to tell you the real life of Cambodian living peoples in Siem Reap county.
Siem Reap Jeep countryside is being operated by my good buddy, name Oum Dara Vuth and everyone are able to contact his FaceBook and his hand phone +85589992885, maybe he is on also social media like telegram and whatsApp @ +85589992885


Vuth, English good spoken tourguide

The tour will be bringing you from your hotel to go to see rural area of Siem Reap, then to view some of Siem Reap villagers organic plantations, Why i decided to article “organic plantation”, the peoples of siem reap is like to do everything by hands in oder to produce things by natural way. On other hand, the whole town of Siem Reap is getting promoted by worldwide tourists, those of the worldwide tourists have spent time and properties to visit and sometimes they few years to stay in Siem Reap town or villages.
As the huge result, during of the worldwide pandemics of Corona virus or well known as Covid 19 had caused more than half of 5 brand stars hotels and little hotel decided to close their businesses for while

Here is the golden sun which it’s still rising over the green paddy rice field and some of mangroves within the reflection of waters in nicely paddy rice fields, this pic was taken while I was touring and and riding the old fashioned jeep If everyone of you are seeking the Siem Reap Jeep countryside then you can contact me or go straight to Vuth, if you would like to get a better price on tour which it’s include gun range and siem reap tour, please consider of Cambodia Shooting Ranges Outdoor Phnom Penh then you will be got a huge discount or very good prices with the Jeep Tour