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Cambodia Shooting Ranges Outdoor Phnom Penh

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Shooting Range Club Phnom Penh

the PKM machine can be used for inside and outside Shooting Range Club Phnom Penh, if anyone of your group would like to shoot it at an open space then the Cambodia shooting range outdoor phnom penh is the best site to blow up all shits with your single shooting or full auto shooting.   The best to shoot the PKM machine is at outdoor of Phnom Penh shooting club.   How to carry and shoot the PKM riffle machine gun ?
  1. the way to shoot it, just put it on it’s tripod of a table then you just come to bowl little of your head and back down then click the tripper for auto shooting or just click and release “trigger” for single fire.
  2. little harder, grab it and place it’s tripod on ground after that your chest attach to also the ground floor then let say hello to little friends
  3. hardest, if you are strong enough, carry it up above waist within your both hands, it’s almost like in the pic bellow