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Cambodia Shooting Ranges Outdoor Phnom Penh

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Phnom Penh Tuk Tuk Driver Guide

From now everyone can have an authentic local driver and also guide to go through in the city of Phnom Penh and the Shooing Trip, if you are to make shooting and sightseeing tour with us, then make it a separated day, like two day tour.

Day 1 is for the Cambodia shooting range outdoor phnom penh tour
Day 2 is for sightseeing tour in and around the city of Phnom Penh.

Note, If your shooting budget is more than 1000 usd then you can help a good driver and guide as Tuk tuk for phnom penh sightseeing tour, it’s for one day complimentary. It’s for two peoples

Thinking of having a great adventuring in Phnom Penh within a fluent English Speaking Tuk tuk driver and also your private guide for your whole holiday in the capital of phnom penh of Cambodia …… Then feel free to get me as your local guide/driver to go in/and around the city for your whole trip.

Dear valuable customers, my name is So Van and my English name is called Peter, I had lived in the biggest city of the country for entire years since I migrant from aborigine village, Prey Veng province of Cambodia. the early life was an personal and well english speaking tuk tuk driver, i was living and working in grocery shop for my relative and spent my evening spare time to study English as a beginning classes, then a few years later i decided to leave the shop to start my new life as an independent job which was no more pressuring from any bosses.
The life as a self employed guide had initialed in 2001 till now then i can say i am a very long year and very good experience in driving and taking my valuable customers to go to whatever they want to see and visit in Phnom Penh or around the city.

Totally, I do my job as a freelancer Tuk Tuk driver/guide in Phnom Penh city, it can bring me to meet and talk to multiple peoples from anywhere across the planet on earth within different cultures and personal understanding and also its about their trips or everything else that they have experienced with it.

  Furthermore,  In the coming future I would like to have a car then run it as a private taxi to go around Cambodia for the tourism sector across Cambodia, it’s more easy for me and overseas tourists who turned to friends.

Please put me on top of your traveling itinerary tours if you are coming to Phnom Penh of Cambodia then your vacation is became the best time. Here is my contact that you can make an email directly to me @ CambodianDrivers@Gmail.Com and please mention my name “Peter Tuk Tuk Driver” in the Email tuk tuk is one of very common used land transportations in Phnom Penh and also in Siem Reap’s Angkor Wat, its able to store one to 4 passengers Early 30 years old i married to my beautiful wife and her name is So Pheap “meant humble lady” and now my biggest son is 15 yrs
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