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Koh Rong Island Boat Trip Adventure Tours

After the arrival on Koh Rong Island then everyone is must be wondering where to go and what to do and always be looking for an adventure to go around the island of Koh Rong, without so much speaking here is an activity, it’s called Koh Rong Island Boat Trip  Adventure Tours.
The boat trip adventure is to bring you to away from the mainland for more than a half day duration and it’s let you to go swim to sea bed and touch all things under water of sea.

the boat trip adventure of Koh Rong is being provided my friend  Leang Hy Koh Rong Boat, the guy who born in one of Cambodia’s town and moved to resident on the island since 2001 till now. 20 years living and spend time on the island, and also working as a local guy,  

LeangHy ready to work as boat trip adventure, wearing white t-shirt, England National Football League