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Koh Rong Island Adventurer Guides

Hello everyone!
Are you planning to go to Koh Rong island and looking for a Koh Rong Adventurer Guide to escort you to go to around the land, water and trekking ?
Let me introduce my self to all of you, my name is Bong Hout, I am an adventurer across Cambodia and I have been traveled around the country for years ago now I am still enjoying the Cambodia tripping, lot recently.
I am currently located in Phnom Penh and would like to spend my spare times at islands of Sihanoukville, the first day i have traveled to Koh Rong it was 2014 February then i started to like to go and back the island, unconditionally.  
Sometime, I have brought national and international tourists to visit the quietly island of Koh Rong
Where should are we going to visit while we are on the island ?
Actually, lying down of your back on the sandy beaches is one of the most first thing to do while you are visiting there, walking to view the very white sandy beaches and holding of cold beer cans to enjoy the sunbathing, swimming in the cold ocean is also very relaxing time, trekking in jungle by a motorbike “riding a motor to a nearby jungle then walk in there”, get a slow boat to nearby island for snorkeling and more…..
If you are looking for a guide to go to around the island then talk us Cambodia Shooting Ranges Outdoor Phnom Penh