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Cambodia Shooting Ranges Outdoor Phnom Penh

The licensed shooting Ranges, promising the best action for all your needs

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Cambodia Tour Services

Welcome to Cambodia Tour Services, the service is about traveling in the city where you are at and let go to through to other of Cambodia’s cities and/or how to adventure from a city center to more difference cities across the kingdom of Cambodia.

And also if you are looking for good of Cambodia itinerary tours with gun shooting range, Hotels, foods, entrance fee to visit some of the Cambodia must things to see then Beside the Shooting Ranges In Cambodia, do you also want to continue your traveling trips to other destinations around the kingdom of Cambodia ? If you were looking to go around the country then the land transportations is a must need to go through across
Cambodia Shooting Ranges Outdoor/Mountainous Phnom Penh is also able to offer everyone of a ride or multiple rides from a place to some of difference sites around Cambodia.
Thinking going Cambodia with a private car and it’s driver then Cambodia Shooting Ranges is very happy give you a good ride to explore all Cambodia cities, towns and countryside. Mostly the driver from the Cambodia Shooting Ranges is very able to blow English very well