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Cambodia Shooting Ranges Outdoor Phnom Penh

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Cambodia Shooting Range

Cambodia Shooting Range is the only outdoor shooting range club which it’s located at outside of Phnom Penh city the country of Cambodia. And shooting range club is also the shooting club that you can or always shoot and play your riffle machine guns or blow some things up with big and heavy weapons for all day long then party for all time up. Cambodia shooting ranges is the also unique gun shooting for those of you who would like to carry big weapons up on shoulders to finish thing up to those things which it’s standing in front of your your eyes:). Or shoot it into a big of jungle. The outdoor shooting range club is about to everyone who attended there to shoot big weapons like RPGs “or well known as Rocket launcher, Bazooka, B40”. And the RPG it’s standing rocket propelled grenade, definitely can’t be missed them. it’s not about the rpg you can also shoot those small riffles machine guns like ak47 and more….. a photo from DRONE footage of a group of regularly visited Aussie customers and turned to friends at the Cambodia Shooting Ranges when they had just arrived the gun shooting range club. Then we had some time to prepare cameras to film them for all of gun shooting activities.. Please feel free to contact us for more detail about how to go through to the outdoor shooting range phnom penh of Cambodia