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RPG Shooting Tactical Aim Hitting Target

Actually, blow the RPG (RPG is standing for Rocket-propelled grenade) or well knows as  rocket launcher, B40, Bazooka to hitting a setup targets with your RPG is gonna to be best trip for your holiday across south East Asia countries

  Latterly, we are really want to see your smiling face after you blew the Bazooka away from you and hope it will be blew the setup target and sparking come out, instead.

Here bellow is the tactics to blow shits up and shits down with your RPG in your hands

  To explode the fuels barrel+gas tank targets with RPG (rocket launcher, B40, Bazooka) needs to have a good concentrated of your moods for a while like 5 seconds and the click the RPG trigger, very very very gently or slowly.
YES AND definitely! DO NOT force or push it strongly, if you clicked or pushed strongly then the majority of missed target 🎯 is more. why ? when did stronger push on the trigger then your hand is not balanced (little moved), the rpg will be went to difference direction as you expected

  Holding Tactic
To hold properly RPG (rocket launcher, bazooka) it needs to you to carry it on right or left shoulder, if you are  on right shoulder then put the rpg on your right shoulder, keeping right hand to hold the rpg’s trigger, your index finger is the clicker of the rocket launcher within the left hand is holding the tube of the RPG, strongly. If you are on left hand, it just need to change the position of the aiming tactics   Aiming Tactic
to have a properly aiming tactic then you need to focus to two poles, pole is close to eye and an other pole is close to RPG’s warhead, aiming straight from one pole to next pole and very straight to the top of barrels  (red line and middle of the petrol barrels)
WHERE IS AIMING POIN TO EXPLODE THE SETUP TARGET ? The red line on the of the top and middle between the two lines of barrels is the target to be focusing to,
one more thing our instructor will be counting from 3 till 1 then you can let the rpg to go explode the fueled barrels and the gas tank. after that you are on target then you click the trigger to let the RPG’s warhead to eliminate the fueled barrels   Recommended Targets
we are strongly to you to get 4 petrol barrels and one big gas tank as the targets of your RPG’s targets, as our pics described about take a look at video of the one shot of the RPG hitting target then flames 🔥 come out