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Cambodia Shooting Ranges Outdoor Phnom Penh

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Cambodia Shooting Club

Cambodia Shooting Club at outside of Phnom Penh city is about the shooting site that everyone are able to visit the site to shoot big and also small riffle machine guns and to listening to good sounds of natures. Look at a shooter who is shooting PKM machine gun into a LPG gas tank and then the spark pulling out from the tank when the gun shooter hit it and a small Gopro camera is being record the shooting activities from the starting till the he finished the pkm bullets from a long chain. We are using one Gopro camera we are using 4 cameras. for the outdoor Cambodia shooting club is allowed everyone to come and to shoot all type of gun like K47, M16T97 S-katu, Pistol PKM Machine RPD M79 Hand Grenades 50 Caliber Dooshka RPG II 7 B40 Rocket bazooka. Please be noted, the Cambodia shooting club is located at outside of the Phnom Penh city and it’s about 90-120 minutes drive by speedy cars within one way to go through and with the return trip its going to be a 4 hours trip. If you would like to go to the Cambodia shooting club then you need to prepare for 6-8 hours. Or a whole day tour, and it can be easily said,