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Kampot Kep Shooting Range Cambodia

Kampot Kep Shooting Range Cambodia is now available for all of you to try/test/start your shooting experience for all day long at the gun range of Cambodia, please come to our gun shooting club and we also provide transportation from your to the Cambodia Shooting Ranges Phnom Penh outdoor back to your hotel in Kampot Kep at the same day, just suggest us your hotel address, timing and dating. then when the day/time arrived we are sitting and waiting for you at your hotel’s lobby floor   Our location is on national road number 3 from Kampot Kep to phnom penh or Phnom Penh to Kampot Kep its just up and down the the national road  number 3 and about 2 hours from Kampot Kep. if you are on your road to Phnom Penh from Kampot Kep then it’s good to have a great gun shooting  trip at the our outdoor shooting range club for one day long or half day long. we have from hand riffle gun shooting like AK47 M16 T97 S-katu Pistols M79 PKM-Machine-guns 50-Caliber Hand Grenade RPD RPG (Bazooka Rocket-Launcher), that’s for your day and you can also play it for a whole day long and half day long. To know how much does the Cambodia shooting ranges cost you and it’s complimentary for your visiting then please feel free go to the PRICE LIST, Its telling you the net price of any gun shooting then you are also able to manage your shooting budgets Please be noted, the Cambodia Shooting Ranges Phnom Penh is the only one, licensed shooting club and number one outdoor shooting ranges in Cambodia   Please make a pre arrangement before coming to the range and walking in is not welcomed or accepted