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Cambodia Shooting Ranges Outdoor Phnom Penh

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Video Photo Cambodia Shooting Ranges

Options videos/pics Send ‘YOU’

Best question/Answers is bellow
Videos and photos are being gave back, are in options, Wait if you would like to have photos taken then you need to let us know, cause the cameras are set VIDEO ONLY please 🙏🏽

1: we edited then upload to YouTube then send you the link, best choice for our works. Best Choice For Us
2: we edited then send you back by private email, if the video length is longer then 20 minutes or bigger than 2 gb we need to chop into two or three
3: we send you the unedited films and you can edit your own way
4: we can transfer to your PC, SD Cards or SD card adapter and one more, I forgot it’s name, and you need to bring them along with you

  How many day do you want to stay in Phnom Penh ?
Hope my answer can suit your needs

Best way for us to hand your video to you is THROUGH YOUTUBE PRIVATE LINK THEN YOU CAN DOWNLOAD

Bellow is the quote from one of our customers experience that is related to how handle video after the shooting experience done

A lot of fun at the Range!

Had a great time at the range! They picked me up promptly, had refreshments, and made sure the trip was as easy going as possible. They recorded everything, and had a drone for shots. Although it was too windy. I had shot a lot and at the end had a nice beer waiting for me. Then at the end they had taken my SD card to transfer the files and brought it back to me. Great guys at the Cambodia Shooting Ranges!